Bismarck Ramu Group e-Library

Welcome to BRG’s e-library center

To enable the Bismarck Ramu Group (BRG) to strengthen its purpose to inform, educate and empower its target groups, INFORMATION is CENTRAL to its work. Unlike other media organizations in the country, BRG believes in putting out INFORMATION-FOR-ACTION and has to be RELEVANT to people. BRG is extremely cautious of information overload to the communities it works with.

There are several ways that BRG puts out information and one of the most effective ways given its experience over the years is using documentaries. These documentaries are categorized into 3 areas:

Foreign Development The negative effects of foreign large-scale destructive development targeting those people that are facing the brunt of the globalization where it manifests it logging, mining, palm oil etc. These types of development are owned, controlled and benefits foreign multinational companies NOT the people of Papua New Guinea (PNG)

People’s Development Powerful community led peoples’ development initiatives targeting and promoting development that is in the hands of the people and fully benefits them. These documentaries feature “lived experiences” by the people in carving their own future. The people become masters of their own destiny and this development path is inline with the 5 Goals and Directive Principles of the Constitution as well as the great vision by those leaders that weaved the Constitution – The Constitutional Planning Review Committee.

Information Educational/Information based where development issues faced by the people such as Incorporated Land Groups, Special Agriculture Business Leases etc are explained. These documentaries target the general public that face such issues and want to know in-order to make informed decisions.

The social problems and suffering caused by loss of land and unfair contracts with foreign companies can be avoided if customary land owners are supported to make decisions that ensure benefit for them and their communities. The importance of customary land ownership for sustainable development in PNG is enshrined in the constitution. Papua New Guineans have a constitutional right to sustainable development that benefits them, their children and their grand children.