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UPROOTED [documentary]

Uprooted is a story of four communities in Papua New Guinea’s Madang province who have been affected in various ways by a Chinese state owned nickel mine. Narrated entirely by landowners, it shows the pain and fear of losing their land to large scale development. It also highlights the concerns related to Deep Sea Tailings placement (DSTP) the preferred method of mine waste disposal.

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Forced ‘Eviction’ by Nautilus

The Danu people of the West Coast of New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea are currently being forced to move out of their village by the Canadian-owned company, Nautilus. The people said, around 15 men came to the village in the ‘night’ and forced them to sign some papers, regardless of questions posed at them by most of the elderly people about what those papers are about and what their signatures would mean. “They said the company (Nautilus) sent them, and if we don’t sign then we’ll loose our chances of getting the benefits from the project. We didn’t agreed to this Experimental Seabed Mining to happen, what makes them think we’ll agree to move away from our village that we’ve lived in for centuries?” said a Danu Village Clan Leader.

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Affectionate Angels Neglected

The state of Papua New Guinea’s Health Service is falling way behind that it now seems, no one cares what happens next. Most of us get pissed and unintentionally get on the doctors and nurses because of the very poor service we get, that costs lives in most cases. We all have the right to complain and demand to get the best health service because we all pay our share of taxes to the Government all year round-every year for as long as we’re ’employed’. Moreover, the government is allowing a lot of Foreign companies to come into PNG to operate what it terms as ‘Development Projects’, which obviously promises great development. Have you ever stopped to ask these nurses and doctors why, so as to clearly see if it’s really their fault? This documentary serves to let you know that these ‘government employed’ nurses and doctors behind the white and blue uniforms are just people like you and I, and they too pay taxes, and are suffering more than you can ever imagine. Regardless of the great negligence, these Angels don’t do favors for fame or glory, they do it to save lives, our lives.

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Inside the RPNGC [documentary]

A fast growing mining town, a steady influx of people and an increasing crime rate is putting a significant strain on police resources in the seaside town of Madang, Papua New New Guinea.

Madang used to have a police strength of over 200 men and women. Since the Kusbau barracks was condemned in 1998, staff strength has been drastically cut to 96. But that’s not all. The Provincial Police Commander, Tony Wagambie, points out that not only are his men and women struggling with limited resources, the workload and poor housing is putting an enormous strain on their families.


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