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Women in Agriculture

Everyday in Papua New Guinea’s rugged eastern Highlands province, the nation’s biggest business success story is taking place.

It is the story of women farmers.

In PNG, where up to 97% of land is owned by the people, land is life. And women are the backbone of the land. But they earn little government respect for the vital role they play, and support from men is lacking.

The women leaders of the group ‘Eastern Highlands Women in Agriculture’ works with over 1,500 of these unsung heroes on whose backs PNG’s real economy leans.

In this documentary, meet some of the women doing remarkable things through their creativity, compassion and determination. They hold the future of a better PNG in their hands.

‘Yumi meri ken seivim PNG’

Women In Agriculture

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People speak out against a special economic zone


A community leader from Rempi, furious over the absence of government representatives and ministers at the PMIZ forum, issues a scathing attack on Papua New Guinea’s Commerce and Industry Minister accusing him of bulldozing the project and bypassing landowners. The locals are fighting the establishment of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) which is expected to have relaxed labour laws and foreign affairs regulations. There are also plans to import up to 30 thousand foreign workers for the industries.


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